Sunday, May 6, 2012

The nursery - a work in progress

It's a work in progress - but I'm loving it so far!

50 a day declutter challenge

Call it nesting.
But for some reason I want my house freed of STUFF!

So I've set myself a challenge.
Get rid of 50 "things" a day.

These may be big things - like clothes. Or small like paper clutter.

50 things a day for the month of May.

So far I'm almost up to date.

I will be very very soon

Here's to less stuff to sort and organise in June!

Just like her mum

Curled up, head in a book.

Since Miss 7 has gotten to read chapter books in her head a whole new world has opened to her!

Current read - Charlie and the Chocolate factory! I doubt it will last the whole weekend!

Better go hunt the movie  down - I promised her if she read it we could watch the movie ... just actually didn't expect her to last the whole book without getting bored!