Saturday, July 31, 2010

I feel like I've been down this path before ....

Here's the thing about clutter and house work ... you will never be finished.

Now I must admit maintance mode around here has not been that productive the last few months. We have been practising survival parenting while things like exams and assignments and working weekends took priority over our home.

But we are back onto it again.

Remember this post? This one? The one when I was so proud to find a solution to that "just inside the door" clutter?

Well, many months on, it kindof looks like THIS!

So it was time to strip it clear, stop, and think again.

Now we have THIS!

Closeup here...

We are big on labels in our home now we have a 5 year old who is reading!

A basket for library books right by the door where I won't forget them!

Go vertical!

Clutter loves a flat surface. Give it a flat surface, and chances are, stuff will find its way there and fill it up. Vertical storage is a much better use of space than horizontal storage. And less likely to be a dumping zone.

Case in point, my cookbooks.

Now the thing is, I am married to a dietitian. And we both love food. And I love to cook. Especially bake. So between us, we have a LOT of cookbooks.

We have cookbooks in the office. Cookbooks in the cupboard above the stove. Cookbooks in the spare bedroom.

Oh ....

and cookbooks (the ones we are using) here.... (among other things ... and can I say - I can't believe I am showing this!)

See - flat spaces are designed for clutter. Put something in a flat space and watch it BREED.

So I did some shuffling ... moved a table, and found an unused bookshelf (Billy - from Ikea)...

and decluttered numbers. A lot.

And now we have this.

Much better. By the time I am finished they will be all in one place - and in the RIGHT room.

Makes me smile!

It doesn't need to cost a cent to organise. Just some time. Reducing clutter. And rethinking how you do things.

(and watch this blog - later this week I will do a post on where I have put that table. And how I have created another space to make me smile!)

Train up a child .... or is it bribery works???

I think I learnt this from my mum and dad. I know like any kid I hated it at the time - but like many things, now I am a mummy I understand!!!

If you live in this house - everyone helps.

We have practised this ever since miss E was little. Even an 18mth old can help wipe cabinets down (vinegar and a cloth is a safe cleaning agent that any child can use!)

Most jobs are done because you are part of the family. The end. Just the way it is.

But I must admit I am not beyond a reward for certain jobs that I really want a hand with! And the great thing is, since we have stopped paying for rides etc when we go to the family events around home, Miss E loves money too. She saves and saves and thinks so carefully before she spends. (Maybe there is more than one lesson in this :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Sometimes the simple things are the best ... LISTS

Don't get me wrong - I love cute stationary as much (more??) than most people.
The net abounds with free and cheap downloads and I love them! And when I go to Brisbane Kikki-K is one of my all time favourite shops! (and I still have to post on what I am using from there!)

But we all know a list is an organisers best friend. And there is no need to spend money or buy something purpose fit to do it.

I keep a stash of these cheep notepads from the $2 shop. They are cheap, brightly coloured and fun, and just the right size for me.

Yellow is my current-on the go list (and right now my getting back in order list)
Pink is currently my list for the very beginnings of bridal shower planning.

Blue is family fun.

I LOVE lists. Nothing like getting to the end of the day and knowing you have actually done SOMETHING that you set out to do!

Organising me ... and it's FREE!

Honest answer. I want to make some changes around here. Changes with my health. Changes that effect my energy. How much I move. The fun we have a t home.

I don't want to be a skinny minnie. But I want to be moving, exercising, chasing my girl, and eating the right foods. And I need more energy! That girl of mine keeps me on my toes!

The thing is ... I know I'm not alone!

SO when I found this awesome resource I had to share!

The Australian Government has created MEASURE UP It's a campaign to get Australian's to work on reducing their waist line, and decrease the risk of health issues related to obesity.

Onto the organising tool ....

HERE is a link to a downloadable 12 week planner!

You can order the actual book if you are an Australian HERE!
(order form) And they are FREE

Inside you find 12 weeks worth of menu planners and meal diaries, activity planners, shopping lists ... so many resources to help motivate you, plan your life and move to a healthier happier lifestyle!

I'm starting mine tomorrow ... can't wait to see how it goes!

18 mths of study ....

too many exams,
endless assignments,
over 140 reflections
400 hours clinical placements are complete!
I have finally completed all the requirements to become a nurse.

Now you know why there has not been a lot of organising going on here!
And I can't wait to get my home in order. I only finished today and have started already!

Watch this space!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Creating a family room (playroom)

I could never really justify a playroom. With just one child it seemed so excessive.

But then more playdates started happening, and I hated it when they locked themselves away in the bedroom.

And the bedroom was SUCH a disaster!

Then she would want to play NEAR us so during the course of the day every toy would end up in the lounge room and THAT would become a disaster zone.

And then the family room just annoyed me every day - it was the layout I hated. It was a room with a heap of stuff in it and no real function.

So we decided to make a change. It is not a "playroom" as such, it is more a family room. A space to play, watch tv and movies, for the playstation and board game storage.

Besides the fact that Miss E actually plays in this room instead of all over the house, it has the benefit that I can re-sort and tidy at night while I watch tv.

No before pics - I just didn't think of it. But here are a few of our work in progresses.

Board game storage

These are stored in a large timber chest that my dad and I picked up from a garage sale, and my mum restored. I love it. It keeps them all hidden, but there is room for our huge collection of games

Our calendar, and learning to tell the time clock.

(This is a great clock! It has the "to's" and the "pasts" the hours marked on it.) (and it is coming up in this weeks Aldi catalogue for anyone interested)

Our books (these are still getting sorted so could be a little tidier yet!)

The books are in an ikea Expedit unit that was in Miss E's room housing toys. We have repurposed it as a bookshelf and each "section" houses a specific type of book(eg readers, chapter books, information books, stories, books about fairies!)

Our toys - this is the larger ikea Expedit unit.

I love these units for organising toys, and they aren't childish so we will be able to use them as Miss E grows.
There will be labels made for all these sections soon, to help my little reader learn more words, but also find things.

The pink and green baskets were a fantastic target bargain. They were over $12 each. I got them for $2.87. *must go see if they have more!*

The large boxes down the back were previously in use in Miss E's bedroom. They are from Ikea as well.

Our Rosie cottage and doll corner

Doll houses on top of the bookshelf where Miss E can reach them. (this will swap around at times - it might be lego, the farm set, ... who knows!)

So that's about it. There is a tv corner but I need to do a makeover there. Will post before and afters when I work out what I am doing!

Anyone want to come play??

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Back to my regular blogging

OK - things have been SLOW on the blogging/organising front.

I think my excuse is a good one. The last month has been full of school holidays, the end of my nursing course and a lot of doctors visits (nothing wrong - don't worry!)

But I can feel myself coming up for air!

This weekend has been spent rearranging three rooms in our home. We have created a playroom, removed all toys and books from the bedroom/hallway, and are pretty happy with the results.

Miss E seems to love it and I do too.

Pics will come as soon as I've had a chance to vacuum - but for now we are off on a family adventure!