Saturday, July 31, 2010

Go vertical!

Clutter loves a flat surface. Give it a flat surface, and chances are, stuff will find its way there and fill it up. Vertical storage is a much better use of space than horizontal storage. And less likely to be a dumping zone.

Case in point, my cookbooks.

Now the thing is, I am married to a dietitian. And we both love food. And I love to cook. Especially bake. So between us, we have a LOT of cookbooks.

We have cookbooks in the office. Cookbooks in the cupboard above the stove. Cookbooks in the spare bedroom.

Oh ....

and cookbooks (the ones we are using) here.... (among other things ... and can I say - I can't believe I am showing this!)

See - flat spaces are designed for clutter. Put something in a flat space and watch it BREED.

So I did some shuffling ... moved a table, and found an unused bookshelf (Billy - from Ikea)...

and decluttered numbers. A lot.

And now we have this.

Much better. By the time I am finished they will be all in one place - and in the RIGHT room.

Makes me smile!

It doesn't need to cost a cent to organise. Just some time. Reducing clutter. And rethinking how you do things.

(and watch this blog - later this week I will do a post on where I have put that table. And how I have created another space to make me smile!)

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