Saturday, July 24, 2010

Creating a family room (playroom)

I could never really justify a playroom. With just one child it seemed so excessive.

But then more playdates started happening, and I hated it when they locked themselves away in the bedroom.

And the bedroom was SUCH a disaster!

Then she would want to play NEAR us so during the course of the day every toy would end up in the lounge room and THAT would become a disaster zone.

And then the family room just annoyed me every day - it was the layout I hated. It was a room with a heap of stuff in it and no real function.

So we decided to make a change. It is not a "playroom" as such, it is more a family room. A space to play, watch tv and movies, for the playstation and board game storage.

Besides the fact that Miss E actually plays in this room instead of all over the house, it has the benefit that I can re-sort and tidy at night while I watch tv.

No before pics - I just didn't think of it. But here are a few of our work in progresses.

Board game storage

These are stored in a large timber chest that my dad and I picked up from a garage sale, and my mum restored. I love it. It keeps them all hidden, but there is room for our huge collection of games

Our calendar, and learning to tell the time clock.

(This is a great clock! It has the "to's" and the "pasts" the hours marked on it.) (and it is coming up in this weeks Aldi catalogue for anyone interested)

Our books (these are still getting sorted so could be a little tidier yet!)

The books are in an ikea Expedit unit that was in Miss E's room housing toys. We have repurposed it as a bookshelf and each "section" houses a specific type of book(eg readers, chapter books, information books, stories, books about fairies!)

Our toys - this is the larger ikea Expedit unit.

I love these units for organising toys, and they aren't childish so we will be able to use them as Miss E grows.
There will be labels made for all these sections soon, to help my little reader learn more words, but also find things.

The pink and green baskets were a fantastic target bargain. They were over $12 each. I got them for $2.87. *must go see if they have more!*

The large boxes down the back were previously in use in Miss E's bedroom. They are from Ikea as well.

Our Rosie cottage and doll corner

Doll houses on top of the bookshelf where Miss E can reach them. (this will swap around at times - it might be lego, the farm set, ... who knows!)

So that's about it. There is a tv corner but I need to do a makeover there. Will post before and afters when I work out what I am doing!

Anyone want to come play??