Saturday, July 31, 2010

Train up a child .... or is it bribery works???

I think I learnt this from my mum and dad. I know like any kid I hated it at the time - but like many things, now I am a mummy I understand!!!

If you live in this house - everyone helps.

We have practised this ever since miss E was little. Even an 18mth old can help wipe cabinets down (vinegar and a cloth is a safe cleaning agent that any child can use!)

Most jobs are done because you are part of the family. The end. Just the way it is.

But I must admit I am not beyond a reward for certain jobs that I really want a hand with! And the great thing is, since we have stopped paying for rides etc when we go to the family events around home, Miss E loves money too. She saves and saves and thinks so carefully before she spends. (Maybe there is more than one lesson in this :)

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  1. I love this picture! Her smile melts my heart!