Friday, July 30, 2010

Sometimes the simple things are the best ... LISTS

Don't get me wrong - I love cute stationary as much (more??) than most people.
The net abounds with free and cheap downloads and I love them! And when I go to Brisbane Kikki-K is one of my all time favourite shops! (and I still have to post on what I am using from there!)

But we all know a list is an organisers best friend. And there is no need to spend money or buy something purpose fit to do it.

I keep a stash of these cheep notepads from the $2 shop. They are cheap, brightly coloured and fun, and just the right size for me.

Yellow is my current-on the go list (and right now my getting back in order list)
Pink is currently my list for the very beginnings of bridal shower planning.

Blue is family fun.

I LOVE lists. Nothing like getting to the end of the day and knowing you have actually done SOMETHING that you set out to do!

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