Saturday, January 2, 2010

How I am beating that "just inside the front door clutter"

I guess you've figured out I am messy by nature.
But I CAN be tidy if I make it easy on myself.

The spot I hate the most - just inside the front door. EVERYTHING ended up here. Shoes, mail, bags, library books, shoes ... more shoes.

We've tried this for a few weeks now ... and it is working for us.

Here are our tips.

Give yourself permission to have a dumping box (I like mine to have a lid!) This one is a dvd organiser from BigW. Inexpensive - but it looks nice. All those little things (keys, sunglasses, my work stuff) get dumped in here as soon as I get home.

Mail sorting and other paperwork is the bane of my life. I'll post later about how we file what we need to keep for our records. But this is how we cope with short term paperwork.

We use clear plastic document envelopes.
Label them 1) Bills to pay 2) Things to file, 3) Eliana etc etc
As a piece of paper comes in I deal with it. Bills get paid on payday.(even if they are not due). Filing gets done when I get a moment - but at least before the file is full. Everything has a home and the junk is gone. That's what matters. And this way nothing SHOULD go missing!

Find a great storage solution. We love this hallway bench. It's from Ikea (of course) It's the Leksvik shoe rack.

This piece of furniture is the key for me. Something pretty on top to encourage me not to dump things on top. Places for shoes, hats, library books, my diary, my paper work

This is really working for us! We still have mess at times - but it is so much less! And so easy to get sorted. And for me - if this area is clean my whole lounge room is clean!

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  1. While I have been in "holiday mode" (lazing about, doing no housework) you have been so productive! I may just have to declutter something tomorrow when "real" life starts again!