Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Before and after - a kitchen corner turned control centre

Before - an ugly corner of our kitchen/dining room.

Yes we used a laundry hamper to store all the clutter in that ends up in this room.
And yes - the cd's normally seemed to live on the floor.

Not to mention all the other stuff spread about the house - my diary in the kitchen, bible in the lounge, school info somewhere else, chargers in every nook and cranny ...

I used this cabinet from deals direct. It isn't what I intended to use it for but I love it! Oh and it was easy to put together - and stronger than I thought it would be. And the thing I love is it is on wheels - I can bring it in with me while I watch tv and have everything I need at my fingertips!

The calender is a family planner - a section for each of us - I intend to use the other two kid spaces to record meals and my exercise attempts.

This feels SO much better! Starting to breathe again!


  1. I love your new set up!!! What a great idea!! Hope it works well!!

  2. nice one :)
    I'd like to hear in a few months (after school starts) how you're finding it/what you might change/best bits.

    Thanks for sharing.
    ALways good to make a change for the better!