Sunday, January 17, 2010

Socks. The bane of my existance. And the solution.

Seriously. Does any house have as many odd socks as us? It is beyond the ridiculous.

I have in part made this easier by being fussy with what socks I buy. I only buy Paul the exact same black work socks. Never changes. So I don't need to bother matching pairs. Pity I didn't do the same with his sports socks.

Plus I like cute socks! I don't want my socks all the same!

Enter Sockodiles into my life.

With these little pegs, as soon as you take your socks off you clip them together with sockodiles. Then you throw them in the laundry just like that. All clipped together in a MATCHING pair!

THEN (to make things better) you LEAVE them like that! All clipped together and MATCHING!

The sockodile has a little hook on it to hang it off your clothesline. No need to muck with pegs.

Then when you are done - leave the sockodile on, and store in the drawer.

No folding, no matching, no sorting, no. lost. socks. Ever.

All I need to do is find some cute little containers to store the sockodiles where we take our socks off. Easy.

Now why didn't I think of that first?

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  1. How cool are they!!! Where did you buy those from Kath?