Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas storage.

Our tree, outdoor lights and toy train get stored in the shed. That's easy.

The rest used to get thrown into a suitcase (and several boxes) and was heavy, impossible to move and a jumbled mess.

This year I hunted the post Christmas sales for idea - and I am so glad I did!

Here's what I found.

My biggest bargain - 15L plastic storage boxes (with wheels.) These were from target. Original price $8.99 - now $1.75 each. Total bargain! We labelled these and use one to store Children's nativities (yes we have several), Christmas cd's and dvd's, Christmas books, and Eliana's barbie christmas ornament collection. (one every year since she was born.)

Big W had fabulous options!
These ornament boxes were excellent for organising all our ornaments. They keep them safe, organised and less likely to tangle.

This was originally a gift wrap organiser. But I used it instead to store tinsel, larger ornaments, wall hangings, Christmas teddy bears, all those extra things.

And I LOVE this. It's a gift wrap organiser. I bought plain coloured wrap half price this year (at IKEA) for use for gifts all year round. A big money saver. In the end there is a zip section which houses tape, ribbon, stickers and cards.

And everything is stored in this. It is av 4 shelf unit from the hardware store. (under $30 at Big W). As we store all this in a funny little nook in our garage (which is soon to be our playroom) and it is out of sight I don't need anything fancy. This was inexpensive, adjustable and strong.

It took a little bit to set up - but with post Christmas markdowns it was VERY inexpensive and now everything has a home. I also bought two extra of the cheap plastic target boxes for other seasonal decorations (birthday things, easter, australia day) so I have places to store the things I buy for these holidays and they are easy to find at short notice! Normally it isn't till after the holiday is over that I find I have these things. This way I can get the box out as the holiday approaches, and it is all there together!

SO Christmas is away. I am Happy! (and even better - it all colour co-ordinates!)

(and after - not the best pic - but you get the idea!)


  1. That looks sensational!!! No stress for you at Christmas time when it comes to decorate. Love the idea of having boxes for other special occassions too.

  2. How beautiful! I still haven't gotten my Christmas boxes out of the attic so that I CAN put my decorations away ... maybe that'll be on the list for today.