Friday, January 22, 2010

My "Gran challenge - update"

I'm living in a bit of chaos right now . Tomorrow my kitchen will be demolished. Today I am trying to sort us to live kitchenless with guests for a few days.

In the meantime, this challenge is keeping me sane. At least I can control something! I really encourage you, if you are feeling overwhelmed find SOMETHING you can control. Flylady shines her sink. This is working for me.

6.45am Saturday

Table is pretty under control. (note - table runner changed due to unfortunate playdough incident - no permanent harm ... but it made a mess!)

The letters are staying there. I NEED to post them today! If I tidy them away they will be forgotten. Again.

Miss E's toys were put away (by Miss E) immediately after this photo was taken.

The bed is made. And what a difference it makes. I once read the bed takes up 80% of the average bedroom. So if your bed looks tidy, it goes a long way to your room looking tidy.

Kitchen updates and before pics to come later - plus how I have "organised" life so we can still function, sans kitchen!

Oh, and just some Gran love for you today ....

From morn till night, may your life be bright, and misfortune never frown.
May the sweet content of a day well spent, be yours as the sun goes down.

Wishing you all a day that brings you that sweet contented feeling by nightfall today.

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