Saturday, January 16, 2010

THIS is what I love! Spring clean all year round!

This is the cutest cleaning system I ever did see.

Yes - I could make it myself. But no - I probably would leave it on my to do list ... and plus I know the time that I would spend creating it would be far better off cleaning and tidying!

This sweet little box is designed to take the spring cleaning tasks and spread them out over the year.

Inside the box are two sets of index cards ... one ranging from one - 31 for the days of the month. And one with the months of the year.

Each task card has a job that needs doing on it. It also lists the tools you need, and how often they suggest the job is done. Jobs are listed from twice weekly all the way up to annual jobs.

You simply file each job in the month you wish to perform it. The cards that are less than monthly (eg weekly and bi-weekly) you file under the date of the current month that you wish to perfom it.

Suggestions are also made as to a suggested age that children can help perform each task (train a child up in the way he should go, anyone?)

I love this set. It is pretty - that helps for me! It is very detailed and covers a large range of the jobs I would have chosen.

And it works. Even my husband is learning to check there (as she cleverly details outdoor jobs and service tasks for the car that need completing as well!)

The website is
Delivery was prompt - even to Australia. (and did I mention how pretty it is??)

I have a few tips and tweaks to show you ... plus I want to show you how this is working for us! So keep popping back for updates! I love to share the things I love!

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