Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Miss E's bedroom - the shelf unit

Miss E's bedroom needs some serious decluttering.

She is past the toddler stage ... and moving onto big girl toys (my girl starts prep soon!) so we really need to re-evaluate what we are keeping.

Plus we have a stack of baby things hidden in her wardrobe, and with no sibling so far we only want to keep the bare minimum just in case.

Step one was this expedit unit (from ikea - we love this unit by the way - have used it in so many rooms in so many ways!)

Before (top of unit)



I love how by turning it sideways she now has a home for her gorgeous dollhouses. The dolls you see to the right now live in one of the pink boxes so they are no longer there. Her school bags will have a home in one of the boxes.

So far so good. I'm much happier!
And one garbage bag of toys/clothes/baby stuff to sell, and one in the bin!

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  1. It looks fantastic. Where would we be without Ikea lol.