Saturday, January 23, 2010

The before ...

Finally! Our kitchen reno begins! It's something I've wanted to do since we bought our home ... and now it is finally happening.

No renovation would be complete without the befores - so here we go!

The kitchen...

The deep corner cupboards - I can't reach to the back corner without some serious acrobatics - this is one thing we are fixing

The pantry. Everthing seems to get lost in it. We had so much food but nothing to eat.

The last remnant of the original dark brown veneer that the whole kitchen was when we bought the house. It was so dark. I think the first thing that happened when we moved in was my mum came in and saved the day with Laminate paint. It worked so well! Completely changed the whole look of the kitchen

I really can't say I am sad to see this go ... but I am a little nervouse that what we are doing will work ...

Pray for kitchen success for us! Oh and for our inlaws. They are coming to help us - brave souls! At least we will have a builder to help!

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