Saturday, January 9, 2010

To garage sale or not to garage sale?

That is the question right there.

Initially I was all for donating everything.

But as my decluttering gets more and more focussed, and we are getting rid of stuff that would sell ... I am starting to think we should have the dreaded garage sale.

I don't want to. I want it all GONE.

But I have weekends free coming up.
And I want to turn the garage into a fabulous office/sewing room/playroom.
And I could use the money from the sale to pay for what I want.

I just hate the idea of the mess hanging around.

Maybe if I make a deadline date - say January 31st. If it's not gone then it all gets donated?

Opinions please?


  1. Definitely set a date for a garage sale and then donate what doesn't sell. If you'll PM me your email, I'll send you my garage sale tips. I shared them so many times one summer that I saved them as a doc file. Our all time record is $7400 in one summer (3 seperate sales) raising money for our adoption.

  2. I challenge you to a garage sale (I've got a HUGE collection of stuff waiting for me to set a date). Maybe we should set a date, and keep each other motivated to declutter more and more leading up to it?

  3. ok shibley! You're on! Sale date is the 30th of January here. Do you think anyone will buy the bits and pieces of my soon to be demolished kitchen????

    Kelly - will pm you! I need all the help I can get

  4. Yes set your date and anything left after that time gets donated!! I did do a garage sale with my mum in town (as I live on a farm) and it was so freeing!!! Yes I donated a lot but we did make some money too!! Good luck and I am sure with shibley holding one too you will be even more motivated to get it organised!!

  5. Do it, Kat! I'm thinking I should be the same but then I think, will hubby get up that early in the morning :-)! And will we have enough stuff!!

    Go for it!