Sunday, January 3, 2010

The mess you just don't see

I don't have time to declutter today.
I have to work. Shop for school supplies. Do assignments. And somewhere in there be a mum.

Except here's the thing. I want to reach this goal of a peaceful uncluttered home. And can't and don't have time are pretty poor excuses.

So this is what you can do if you have six minutes. Literally six minutes.

Get rid of the clutter you just don't see, that you just live with and accept. I mean the fridge. We pile stuff on there. Magnets and school notes and bills and STUFF.

(I hadn't realised how bad it was!!!!)

In six minutes it is gone.

Step one
Remove leapfrog toy and ALL THOSE LETTER magnets and put in a box with Miss E's toys. After all she is reading already and barely uses it. Make note in diary to donate in 6mths when she will be reading longer words than this game uses.

Step two
Remove rest of contents from fridge. File paperwork in paperwork system (as discussed yesterday). Throw trash in trash

Step three
Clean fridge (just the surface. This is a QUICK clean. Deep cleaning is for another day.

Step four
Replace what you NEED on the fridge. Just what you NEED.

Step five.
Decide to throw magnets in bin. They just enable clutter. You have a system for paperwork and a noticeboard in the kitchen. Why does stuff have to go on the fridge???

Step six.
Utilise really cool magnetic storage box to store the essentials. Pens. Scissors. Timer. (not shown as in use) I got mine from deals direct - link is here

Step seven
Discover it took longer for you to blog this post than to do the actual job!


  1. I had to laugh at the taking longer to blog than do the task as that sounds like me at the moment!! But hey I am having fun at this blogging stuff. Your fridge looks fab and in such a short time. Its that "illusion of the mind" I talk about in my blog (took me 6 mins to tidy my bathroom benchtop too). I really like the storage thingy you got. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great blogging. xx

  2. I did your 6 minute challenge too! It literally took 6 mins lol. Thanks for inspiring me :)