Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our first GIVEAWAY!

I'm so excited! We have our first GIVEAWAY!

Remember my obsession with SOCKODILES?????
If not - go here for the reminder!

Well - to thank all the visitors to my blog (and there seem to be a lot of people interested in how messy my house is) I have two packets of sockodiles to give away.

Just leave a comment to this post. That's it. Nice and simple.
The two winners will be drawn Friday night. Aussie time. International is fine by me. Winner will be announced on this blog so please check back to see if you WON!

Oh - and if you leave a sock story that makes me feel better about our HUGE pile of partnerless socks here I'll give you a bonus entry :)


  1. Well, FWIW, my sock story is that when I was teaching preschool, I would save our matchless socks and then have a puppet day at school -- I'd let the kids use them to make puppets by gluing on bits of yarn and felt. They always came out really cute, and the kids loved them!

    Also, matchless socks can be used for dusting.
    Just put one over your hand and go!

    Terry from PAI

  2. Tehe, I threw out a bag full of odd socks at the start of the year and bought all new ones in the sales! Great idea!

  3. I'd love to win! :-)

    When I was a teenager, we had a lot of feet in our household (11 people), so the sock matching was always a big job! No matter what my mom did we just couldn't get a good system down for laundering socks. Well, at one particular point in time, we were putting all our laundered socks in a paper grocery sack. We got a phone call that company was coming, so we quickly ran around cleaning up the living room. And then a week or so later, we realized that our socks were gone. In the haste to clean up, someone mistook the grocery sack for a trash receptacle and threw all the socks away! My mom had to go out and buy new socks for everyone in the family! (After that we didn't put our socks in a paper sack any longer!)

  4. Right, they look colourful... I think I need to go and find out what they are !

  5. Well, lets just say that last winter we gave up on matching socks, the more mismatched the better! That way I can just claim, "the kids dressed themselves" and roll my eyes (Never mind that I never actually let them choose what they wear!)

  6. Oh I only just paired up all our socks yesterday ready for the new school year and found 78 ODD socks!!!! Boys must eat them LOL Off to the shops to buy all the same kind I think.

    ohboy from EB

  7. Can't remember if i left this comment but i have a real problem with odd socks- one time I had six buzz and woody odd socks- i couldn't believe none of them matched! At the moment i have a whole drawer dedicated to odd socks that i can't bear to throw out and keep hoping i find the matching pair- i estimate that i have over 40 odd socks!!! for myself i have given up matching my socks so just wear odd socks as long as they are black and under jeans no one notices lol!!
    From chobs3 (EB)

  8. The sock stealing monster is well and truly active in our household at the moment - not a month and a half ago I went out and bought my hubby 6 new pairs of work socks (setting me back nearly $45!!). As of today, I can locate one pair of socks that he is wearing, one pair on the clothes line, and there are rumors that there is another pair floating around somewhere, but they have not been sighted by me yet. And this is while our laundry has almost completely been up to date the entire time! Maybe I should let it pile up a bit and they might all miraculously re-appear ;-)

  9. Ode to the Sock
    Oh where art thee?
    I did have a partner
    And once had three!

    I cry and yearn
    As I sit alone
    I hear the noise
    Of my Owner Moan!

    I go in the wash
    And lose my colour
    Now I look different
    To my brother!

    I fray at the top
    And slip down the drawer
    As if it can be cured
    By just buying some more.

    On school days there
    Is such a rush
    Dont match me with
    Pearl, she is a lush!

    White I was when I was
    Born a sock
    Please dont make me
    The colour of stock!

    Alas I hear a cure
    On Its way
    Sockodile invention
    What can I say!

    No more lonely nights
    as a single
    Now Ill have a partner
    To play and to mingle.

    Thank you Kath
    For finding the Cure
    Lonely Nights...No more!

  10. seriously city slicker! you rock! love all the entries everyone!

  11. This must be the job to do at the moment. We have just tidied our sock drawer and we had a freezer bag full of odd ones. I was amazed. Love the puppet and dusting ideas - they are mostly little kids socks so I will see how I can getting the kids to play my sock dusting game!
    ericak138 (EB)