Thursday, January 7, 2010

Polly Pockets

If these things didn't occupy my daughter so well I would ban them from the house!
But Eliana loves them and is so patient with them.

She has been pretty good about looking after all the little pieces ... but I thought if they were more organised she would play with them more.

So this is what I found. It's a storage container from bunnings. What I loved about it (besides the fact that it had perfect polly pocket size spaces) was that it was all one layer, and shallow enough that it should be easy to pick up those teeny tiny itsy bitsy shoes from.

Eliana and I had a ball this afternoon, sorting all the pieces and labelling the spaces. Although she cannot read all of those words, I know this will change soon enough so I wanted to have them all labelled.

Very happy! And great for church or travelling too!

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