Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The kitchen renovation - day 4

To me progress seemed slower today ... but there were obstacles to over come!
1) - the kitchen sink was damaged - which has meant several phonecalls and a 2 hour drive to ikea to get it replaced. But we did get a gift voucher for our trouble + 2 meal vouchers ...

2) - we are missing a set of drawers. Ikea never put it on our list to purchase. BUT - since we had to get the sink swapped over - this has been remedied on the same trip

3) - the plumber came - with a lot of delays. What was to be looked at at 7am eventually got seen at noon and started at 3pm. The thing is we are lucky to have found a plumber to help on short notice - so we can't complain - but still delays and phonecalls.

BUT on a good note... the wall cabinets are all done now.
The pantry is in. (next to the microwave cabinet) and doors on.

The frames for about half of the floor cabinets are in.

Tomorrow is my girl's first day of school. But I am hoping for doors on the lower cabinets. And maybe maybe even benchtops. Maybe.

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