Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kitchen renovation - day 5 part 2

All the frames are in.

More doors are on.

The bench is starting to be put in.

We are getting there.
Living in the mess is starting to kill me.
Tomorrow afternoon I see a clean up in store.

On a positive note ... I love love love my benchtops.

And now my benchtops are in I love my cabinets too.
They needed the darker bench I think ... (I hope!)

Tomorrow - the bench. The sink (I hope! I really want plumbing for the weekend ...) and some time soon the top cornice/fascia needs to be fixed.


  1. woohoo its really taking shape! Love the colour contrast you have chosen!

  2. It's looking really good. I love the language difference again. I was looking for a bench you sat on wondering why there was one in your kitchen, but all I saw were countertops :p. What are you going to do with your backslap (wall between the bottom and top cabinets)? Can't wait to see the final kitchen.

  3. lol at the language again Kelly! Yep - benchtops - countertops ... backslap? I think you mean spashback! My mum is an amazing woman and she is going to tile it. Just not sure exactly how. I want to keep it fairly simple so it doesn't date too much.

    Getting there!

  4. Too funny...I did not mean to type backslap...I meant back splash. I bet you meant splashback, not spashback. We need refresher typing classes :p!

  5. Gene and Paul are doing an amazing job and how wonderful for Grandma Dot to be able to spend time with Eli. Hang in there - it won't be long till the mess is all gone and you can enjoy

  6. Kath - pick large tiles. They are in fashion atm, they are easier to tile and easier to grout. It's looking great :)