Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ktichen renovation day 7 - the install is about done!

It's taken a week. But the job has been done well. Gene has checked every door, drawer and cupboard is square. If it moved it has been reinforced. It's been a big job and he's done amazing workmanship.

We still have cosmetic things to do. Like a few filler pieces, painting and tiling. And new flooring. And the exhaust fan. And an electrician for the dishwasher.

But it is a world of improvement on the old kitchen.

(sorry for the crooked photo! I must be more tired than I thought)

And like a good flybaby - the first thing I did when everyone left was shine my sink!

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  1. Beautiful! I love that you took out the bar and made it a galley kitchen. It makes it so much more open. Are you planning a dinner party when you are done??? I want to come! If only you weren't in the middle of an ocean far far away.