Thursday, January 14, 2010

How I organise my project life

I am doing Project Life this year by Becky Higgins. It's a photo 365 project - one photo a day for 365 days.

I know me - I love big ideas ... the follow through ... not so great.

But in this I am determined.

I'm still waiting on the kit to arrive, but until then ... this is how I am keeping organised.

Step one - rememeber to take the daily photo. This is helped by me taking my camera with me ... and if push comes to shove there is always an organising photo lately ...

Step two - to keep me acountable I have a photo blog and I update it daily. This also helps me record my journalling while I wait for the kit.

Step three - I have a separate project life folder on my computer. I copy each day's photo here ready for printing ... so they are easy to find again.

I know I will have more to add - especially as the kit arrives. Look out for project life updates ... I'm very excited about this!


  1. Tehe, I got the same bowl set! :) It's great, the metal strainer is a bit 'cheap' but the rest are fantastic.

  2. where did you get the bowl set from?

  3. Chobs - it's from
    You do need to keep checking as they don't have it every day - but they do seem to repeat it pretty often!