Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Gran ... and a challenge

When it comes to the home I want to have, this is my hero. This is my Gran. There was nothing fancy about my Gran's home. No fancy trappings. No new furniture. No amazing new organising gadgets.

But it was a home that every single person who ever visited felt welcome in. It was clean. It was tidy. It was uncluttered. Even when gran was finding it tough to get around she still got things done. She just did them in her own time and at her own pace.

Steady as she goes.

She rose early. She always had time for a coffee and a chat. Her home was organised. It was clean. So that when we came around she had the time to make us the most important people in her world. Ever.

Gran's home meant love to me. Love, and time to listen.

That's what I want people to think of my home as.

So, in my sentimental haze today ... I started remembering the advice Gran used to give me. There was a lot of it, never a lecture ... just a little tip dropped here and there.

On one such day she told me the key to having a welcoming, clean home, was always start the day with a well made bed, and with a tidy kitchen table.

So this is my challenge this week. I am going to try (and with a new kitchen coming in I will have to try!) to keep my table clean, and my bed made. That's it. Simple.

I started tonight. My table is cleared, with something I love on it

My bed is made. (and yes I did make it at 7pm at night ... in my defence my husband was still in it when I started this morning!

I miss my Gran. But I am so blessed to have had her. And I know (despite the work I have to do) she would be proud of me. How do I know? I can hear her words now "ALL our kids are wonderful Kathy. All of them". Go hug your kids. They are Wonderful! And we are blessed cause the world has Grans.


  1. What a wonderful post! Very inspiring and very true. Come to think of it, my grandmothers always had spotless houses, they were much much busier with no mod cons in those days. If they can do it, so can we.

    Thanks you for brilliant food for thought :-)

  2. I share the exact same feelings about my grandmother (Oma). She's still alive but 90 years old and suffers badly from alzheimers so doesn't remember us. I wish every day I could be more like her, she had never ending patience and never once did I hear her raise her voice.