Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Enjoy every season ...

I love to decorate. My journey to simplicity though, is teaching me to only bring out things that are beautiful, make me smile, and do not add clutter to our lives.

One thing I love to do is decorate my table. I am trying hard to keep this table beautiful, and free of papers and all the things we tend to dump on there. But I love to decorate my table with beautiful things that make me smile.

This was our table during February. Valentine's Day, and our anniversary.

And this is my table right now.

I *heart* St Patrick's day! I'm not irish ... not officially - although I swear it is rubbing off on me. I do love everything to do with St Patrick's Day! In my 20's the local Irish pub was our haunt of choice, my flatmate played fiddle in an irish band ... and I sure don't mind the odd pint.

But even better - my husband and I got together on St Patrick's Day way back in 1999.

So I love St Patrick's Day! And I love bringing a little bit of the fun of the day into my home!

Don't get caught up in the decluttering journey and forget the things you love! Our homes are where our hearts are ... make sure you show your heart to those you welcome into your home.

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