Monday, March 14, 2011

Winter is edging closer ...

So i took the time today to sort through Miss E's wardrobe in preparation for winter.

Every year i buy a few items as i find them heavily reduced at the end of year sales in the next size, and put them away.

Today i am really happy with my planning. I definately have enough clothes to get Miss E through winter, without having my usual overflow of clothes.

All I really need to get her are a pair of boots ( she loves to wear boots with dresses) and we are done.

Good thing as the winter vest she needs for school is over $60 ... And i still havent decided if i can justify the cost of the school windcheater. Guess i cant really give THAT as an easter gift :)

One more job done :) its amazing how much you can do while you are at home waiting for a plumber to finish!

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