Thursday, March 22, 2012


10 months between posts?? That isnt really that long is it??

I havn't blogged here ... My focus has been on my health and fitness blog "courage2start". It's been quite the journey and I'm still having a ball with it!

But ... Part of my focus is changing ... We have been blessed beyond measure. Despite believing we were to be content as a family oF 3, God has shocked and suprised us!

Come August,'m rejuvinating this blog. we willl be a family of FOUR! Quite the adventure is ahead!

Thinking of my year at home with a newborn has led my heart to thoughts of our house snd our home. Some of my happiest days lately are the days at home pottering and cleaning and restoring peace to the chaos!

So, I'm rejuvinating this blog. To share stories of my days at home, balancing work, family and home, and stories of our life as three (and becoming four!)

Time to find that calm in the chaos once again


  1. Over the moon for you with miracle baby coming and excited you are coming back to your blog!

  2. Glad to see you back! I am not following PAI too closely at the moment, (though I do pop in from time to time,) so I can't wait to catch up on your world!