Wednesday, December 30, 2009

OK - It's a work in progress ...

Ok - it's not finished - it's a work in progress ... but I'm happy where we are heading!

Before and after(ish)

about two bags of books and clutter donated or thrown. (as in garbage bags)

And homes for those little things! Boxes are cute! And courtesy of Ikea of course! (and the reject shop). (can you believe even ikea BOXES need screws!)

I need to get some larger ones for paper. And I'd like one large enough for scrapbook works in progress. And I need to further work through the books we have ... (this is one of three bookshelves in our home)

Still lots to do - but so much better than it was!

And no - I am NOT trying to organise clutter! almost all of these boxes are close to empty ... we have thrown SO MUCH.

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