Sunday, November 14, 2010

Great teacher thank you gifts!

I come from a family of teachers. I love and respect teachers more than you could ever know. My girl is so precious to me, it takes a special person for me to trust her learning to. And to me, it is so very important to say thank you for all the hours spent working with my girl over the year, and helping her to become the young lady she will one day be.

Coming from a family of teachers I am all too aware of the amount of coffee cups, chocolates, soap and handcreme they are given for gifts each year. And, while any thank you is very much appreciated, I really wanted to be on the lookout for unique, fun Thank you gifts.

Some of our favourite gifts in the past have been the gift of time. Volunteering to help tidy or clean the classroom at the end of the year is very much appreciated. Gifts that allow teachers to make the most of their precious time off are also great. In the past we have given movie tickets, vouchers for the local coffee shop ... there are heaps of ideas in your local community!

We do avoid food. Maybe it is having a dietitian in the family but I would hate to give food and then discover an allergy in the family meaning the gift was not a blessing. Although a beautiful fruit basket would not go astray.

This year I found some GREAT ideas though! Here are some of my favourites...

I love hand stamped jewellry. I so wanted to get something beautiful and meaningful for Miss E's teacher this year. She has done so much to increase my girl's confidence and give her a real love of learning. When I found this from CTJewelryDesign on etsy I couldn't resist! I think it is perfect!

So many people don't realise that a great teacher often spends their own money on extra resources for their class. At the end of the year I like to find a book that my girl has treasured through the year and donate it to the classroom. Chances are - if my girl loves it so will other children. I am thinking of this book for 2010. It is the first reference book she has devoured and has great in depth information, presented in a format that she loved. Perfect for the beginning primary age group.

On my hunt for pendants I found these from JesseJanes on etsy. We *heart* handmade in our home, and these were bright, fun and would be a great little extra to tuck into a handmade gift! Made from scrabble tiles they are a heap of fun! Aren't they great!

Every teacher goes through a bucket full of stickers, especially in the early years. And again, the cost of these tends to come from their own pocket.

How great are these stickers from

They have a great range of personalised stickers including some for the dance teachers in our lives (and even the dentists!) The quality seems great. I think they would make a great back to school gift too to break the ice with the new teacher when your child goes up a year level as well. I LOVE these! You could always get a rubber stamp made up instead saying "Mrs xxx says you did a great job" but I love the colour in these stickers.

Of course - when it comes to teacher gifts I think the last idea should go to my dad. A man I really respect and a teacher of oh so many students (including me!)I asked him last year what gift he really remembered, what sort of gift he would like. He said the best gifts over the years he had ever received were the parents who took the time to stop and write a genuine heart felt note. Reading those letters of thanks, and the examples of how the time he put in during the year really was so special. These were the gifts that were treasured.

So amongst the excitement of presents arriving, and being wrapped, that is our joy for today. Paul, Miss E and I are going to sit down and write our thanks on paper. And somehow try to express in words the enormity of the gratitude we have for those who we trust with our girl, and for the love of learning and exploring they have instilled in her this year. It won't be easy. We won't be able to get it all down on paper. But we are going to try.

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  1. I think you have hit the nail on the head with this post. I had to throw away way too much body lotion over the years. There is only so much you can re-gift ;) and I don't even use the stuff! I loved the movie vouchers and the home made cakes and cookies - especially when they were given a few weeks before the end of term so it didn't all come at once! A few parents cared enough to find out my favourite brand of chocolate through not-so-subtle questions from their kid. Now Lindt chocolate balls I will ALWAYS eat! One of my favourite parents cooked a meal for me when she knew we were swamped with report writing. Another parent handpainted personalised glasses with Eddy's and my names. Personally, I prefered the stuff that didn't say "teacher" on it, because even though I loved teaching, it was nice to be recognised as a person too, not just a vocation. But your father is right - the best gift of all was the heartfelt letter from the student and their parents :)