Thursday, October 21, 2010

I feel like a grown up!

OK - why did no one tell me how empowering this could be!

Today .... I bought .... my own power tools!

Specifically I got sick of not being able to get the garden done when and how I want and having to wait ... I like to get what I want now!!

So I went looking. I was going to buy some hedge trimmers. That's all. And look what I found!

BOSCH has a new range of garden tools!!! Including these amazing hedge trimmers. Light weight. Easy for me to hold. Oh - and rechargable thank you!!!!

And then I splurged. Lookie lookie!!

A line trimmer (whippersnipper for you aussie folk!) that is light enough that I can actually manage it. And it doesn't use that horrible plastic line so it doesn't get tangled (I guess it isn't a line trimmer then ... but you get what I mean)

Oh - and it is RECHARGEABLE too!!!!! No power cords. No petrol. (or whatever you put in those mower type things)

I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Look out garden! Here I come!

Next thing you see I will own my own cordless drill :)

Now - if someone could buy me a rechargeable lightweight lawnmower and I will be in power tool heaven!


  1. I love mowing the lawn. It is just such a satisfying feeling! The only problem is that I haven't a hope in heaven of actually starting the old clunker!

    And BTW, I know we have to provide translations for our friends accross the seas, but what's with putting the Aussie translation in the brackets? Surely the Aussie word should come first and the American word should be relagated to the brackets! Maybe you have been spending too much time on US forums! LOL!

  2. It's not a line trimmer in the US. It's a weed wacker and one of my favorite finishing tools.

    Kat - if you don't have a cordless drill, you need one! It's my go to tool. I'm on my second one. It was a birthday present from Dan a few years ago. I was so excited because the battery on my other one wouldn't stay charged!