Saturday, October 9, 2010

Veggie garden update~

We are having so much fun in our garden! For the first time in forever we are getting regular rain - and our vegies are going mad!

Our tomato plants have started flowering ...

We planted another bed today (this year we are using raised garden beds (these were from aldi but hardware stores have similar items) and they have been fantastic. Much easier than digging the ground, and much easier to keep on top of the weed situation.)
The bed we planted today has dwarf beans, zucchini and some spaghetti squash in it (which I am SO excited about!)

This is my "greens" garden bed. Heaps of salad greens and a few veggies which make preparing a fresh salad so easy. I just pick what I want as I need it. No more lettuce going limp and sad in the fridge. Our radishes are in here too ... and should be ready to start using next week.

Paul helping me stake our tomatoes. We are planning an overload of tomatoes this year if we can keep the stinking fruit flies away! Most of the tomatoes we have planted are heritage tomatoes from the diggers seed company. These are unusual, traditional varieties, that taste like tomatoes are MEANT to taste. They actually have flavour. I am beyond excited about these!

This is the sort of gardening I enjoy. And I am having so much fun this year! Only decision is what to plant next ...

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