Tuesday, October 19, 2010


No - I'm not sick! And nor is anyone else in our home. Everything is fine! Well, everything except for the fact that our home is trashed and I don't seem to be getting anywhere!!

One thing no one tells you about having a school age child is just how much the running around interupts your day!
Just yesterday we had drop off, pick up, helping with school swimming and then ballet after school! And amongst all that it is SO hard to get things done!

I work best first thing in the morning. Problem is, first thing I am not at home.

So today I have quarantined myself. I have asked Paul to drop Miss E to school so I can get into the housework and get some order back! And it is working great! Without those interuptions I have gotten the kitchen, bathroom, lounge, toilet and spare room tidy. And am onto my third loud of laundry.

So I'm about to break for a coffee before starting the rest of the house.

I seriously should do this more often. As in every week! I feel so much better and more in control! And it isn't even 10am yet!

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  1. Yes definitely do it more often! Husband thinks I'm crazy but if I have clean floors and tidy cupboards I am a much happier person.