Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big breath! Tackling the big one!

Our office/sewing room/crafting room/study is the bane of my life. too many purposes - too much stuff - too hard to keep clean.

BUT I have the inspiration of a certain little girls birthday here soon ... and a party ... and guests - lots of them. So my whole house is being tackled hard this weekend.

May as well start with the tough area first.

One thing I really hate is the carpet tiles in this room. They are hand me downs. Served there purpose. But are SO hard to keep clean.

The flooring is concrete (it is our garage) and I am so tempted to pull up the tiles, and paint the concrete. Then get some great rugs that I can hang out to air for warmth/coziness. Would make sweeping after sewing easier too.

Any ideas?


  1. I'd get a rippin' if I were you. Sounds like some paint and a pretty rug would be perfect and make you happy whenever you went into your room.

  2. Go ahead - take up the tiles. I don't know if you remember the floor in the old Lincraft store - it was cement with splattering of paint (just like child's play) and then it was coated with a sealer paint. Looked great and very easy to maintain. Love Mum