Sunday, April 18, 2010

Clutter free birthdays

In the past Miss E has been spoilt. Not just by us, but by friends, family ... pretty much everyone. We have been blessed with a lot of gifts and we are so thankful for them. But every birthday brings the dilemma of more and more things.

This year we are buying Miss E one quality gift, and we hope it is one she treasures. We are buying her one of the Australian Girl Doll collection. The Australian girl dolls were invented by a Grandma who was sick of only having bratz and barbie dolls to choose from in the stores. So she went out to make a doll that looks like a little girl, not a baby or a grown up. I really hope Miss E adores Matilda. She loves her dolls and I hope this becomes a new special friend.

Birthdays also mean the traditional (in our home) pre birthday party bedroom declutter. The weekend before Christmas and birthdays we attack Miss E's room, put away the classic toys she has grown out of, relabel and sort the one's she uses ... and donate all the rest to charity. She has actually learnt to accept that is the way it is and helps with the decision making process.

Saturday morning is the planned date. I'll post an update (and photos) then!

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