Sunday, April 11, 2010

Done. Finally. And I LOVE it!

It took time. But it is finally done. And I love love love it!

After much time wasted trying to choose the final flooring - then time wasted waiting for it to arrive the floors were installed today. The workmen were fantastic. On time. Clean. Tidy. Thorough. Truly a wonder in this day and age. (note to self - must pass feedback on!)

I love the floors - they really look clean and fresh - but have enough colour in them to bring a warmth to the kitchen that was missing.

Everything about the kitchen was bought at a discount. Even the flooring after MUCH to-ing and fro-ing.

And this kitchen is filled with love. Friends and family pulled together and shared their gifts with us and it made SUCH a difference!
Thanks especially to Mick and Liz for their destructive tendancies, and especially Liz for her endless compliments about our progress -
Gene for being an amazing builder, no way we could have done this without you!
Dot for keeping the menfolk fed and my washing and ironing done while I conveniently went on prac during the worst of the building.
Mum and Dad - you are amazing. Not only for the paint, the tiling, the blinds and pelmets ... but for talking me through all this and helping me make decisions.Mum, thanks especially for coming to Ikea and loading EVERY box for me (my hand is all better now - Thanks!).
And a big thanks to my husband Paul. For trusting my decisions. For never once complaining about all I was spending (well - maybe a little - but I honestly don't blame him one bit! We need a sensible one in the family. And for all the work he put in. I reckon my man is learning to be a handyman after all!

So - after all my ramblings ... here tis!

Shows flooring, tiling, cabinets and benchtops ... and my pride and joy - my new cinnamon coloured kitchenaid mixer.

Overview of the kitchen area

Left view

Right view

Oh - did I say I was done? I would still really really like this buffet from Ikea. Or something similar. In the corner of the dining room closest to the windows. Maybe one day.

And there is one more little job. I want the tv mounted on the wall. But I'm told that is easy. Told you my man is becoming a handyman!


  1. Glad to see you blogging again. Kitchen looks great. Must feel pretty good having the project finished.

  2. It looks fantastic!!! You should all be very proud!!!!

  3. Wow the finished kitchen looks amazing! Will be back this afternoon to show my husband so hopefully we can start ours!