Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Laundry rocks!

At least done this way it does!

I read on last week about the organising system that changed her life!

and i so had to try it.

It rocks!

My old way of doing laundry was one dirty clothes hamper. Wash, dry, then spend forever folding and sorting. Actually a lot of the time the washing would sit in a clean laundry basket because I do not have the TIME to fold and sort right now.

Enter organising junkie ... and her timely post on laundry.

Now I have FOUR laundry baskets. One for each of us, and one for household linen.

We all put our own things in our own dirty clothes. Each day I wash only one basket, hang it and dry it. Then the clean clothes go straight to that person's room, get folded and put straight away.

Serious time saved!

I am love love loving this! Challenge you to give it a go!

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  1. Hi Kath,Sounds good...might just try it only thing I worry about is that we don't have huge amounts of clothing was thinking maybe changing it slightly maybe combining me and my husband and then kids, and then linen, cheers Katherine