Thursday, December 16, 2010

My happy place

Every morning lately ... this little space in my kitchen is making me a very happy lady.

You see - even Miss E knows how things work around here. You ask her what mummy likes and she answers "Mummy sure does like her coffee!"

However - I have struggled for years to make a cup of coffee I love at home.

Honestly - lately I've stuck to instant. It's quick. Makes a consistent cup (whether that's consistently good is debateable but it gets me through work). And it is no fuss.

In the past I have owned coffee machines. And I have hated them. There is a real skill in getting a good espresso. And I don't drink enough coffee that the beans stay fresh for us. Grinding them? Tried it - but more mess. And coffee machines lead to mess. Water on the bench. Clean up. Coffee grounds everywhere.

A plunger? Yep it works. But again I have to dispose of the grinds. And that means mess. And it's the frothy milk I love in a good coffee and the plunger doesn't do that.

But then I met this. The nespresso Citiz and Milk by deLonghi. Oh it is LOVE.

The coffee is good. Consistently good. Every time it is the same. And the coffee is hot.
The aerocinno makes perfect frothy milk. I mean look at it!

And no mess. It does it on it's own. I do not make it. All I do is pour the milk and press a button.

There is no mess. None at all. The secret you see are the pods. Each pod contains one serve of coffee grinds. You put it in the machine. It pierces it. Makes your coffee. And you throw it away. There is NO MESS at all.

Yes the coffee is dearer. But I don't care. It is in my budget and the price makes me limit how much I drink anyway. And it is cheaper than from a cafe coffee (and better too!)

This is definately a thing I love! Great coffee. Just as I like it. In less time than it takes to boil a jug. Happy day!

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  1. OMG Seriously you sound like me my sentiments exactly. I recently 'crossed over' as i have always been a tea drinker strictly !!! but not any more. I recently helped out in my daughter's classroom and the teacher aide brought in her coffee machine for the day ! WELL it was a Nespresso 95N ....took only a few days for me to convince hubby and it now sits proudly in our little kitchen and does 'the job'and i love it just like you love yours ! You are right it makes better coffee than the cafe's and often i will wait till i get home to savour the taste of my own coffee . I must blog our machine now !