Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our new girls!

We love our girls. (This is Renae by the way - she gives us one egg a day without fail - as do her two mates - Corinne and Aramina)

They eat our scraps. They give us eggs. They provide me with fertiliser for my vege garden. And they make me happy.

And now they have some new neighbours!

(and for the record - it was all my husbands idea! He found them, talked me into them, and dragged me back to get them after work!)

Meet our two new silkies. Ok - they may not ever give us the egg supply of our existing three girls ... but they sure are cute!

Meet Sweetie

And Cutie

These are Miss E's chickens. She is already pretty good at looking after our existing chooks ... but these are just HER size. They are still pretty young so we are hoping that they will get used to her handling them early on ...

So far it looks like they don't have a choice!

(And Paul is secretly looking forward to cooking an 8 egg omlette for one I think!)

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