Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blessed to be at home ...

Today is my idea of a perfect day.

My family is home.

I am home.

And we have nowhere to be and no commitments at all.

Today I am dedicating to pottering, sorting, nesting, bringing order ... and just enjoying the space we live in!

Thank God for a rare good night's sleep! And for a burst of energy!

Lately I have really enjoyed sorting my home ... I think the nesting is in full throttle!

Today I have

Sorted a LOT of laundry!

Done one, two, loads of laundry.

Sorted out some of mine and Miss E's draws, and given clothes to charity, put away too small sizes for Miss E.

Ironed uniforms for the week ahead

Cleaned the dishwasher.

Ran several loads of dishes!

Caught up with some blogs

Tidied the laundry

Put away some cloth nappies that I have washed from when Miss 7 was a baby

Cooked a roast lamb dinner :)

Went for a walk with Miss 7 :)

And now it is time to have a hot shower and snuggle into my pjs!

All the time this has gone on Miss E has had a beautiful day! Playing with puzzles, toys, lego ... I think sometimes we get far too involved in "what should we do" today that we don't allow all of us time to just be.

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