Friday, June 15, 2012

Pottering away ...

I can't wait to settle down with a coffee soon and my new book!
Everything in it is pretty and bright and cheery - and some of it even looks easy enough for MY sewing skills!!

Today's TA DA list is a little less extensive.
Work has knocked my almost 30 week pregnant body about. Today I am dedicating to resting and recovering. I need to look after myself so I can work as long as possible.

But I'm still happy. I'm maintaining what I've done and getting a few little extra things done each day ...

TA DA LIST Friday!

  • load and run dishwasher
  • run load of laundry x2
  • Wipe kitchen counters
  • Rubbish out
  • Wipe rubbish bin clean
  • Scrub loo
  • Bring outside bins in from curb
  • Tidy hallway table hotspot
  • Walk with a friend :) (much needed for heart, body and soul)
  • Post office
  • Chemist
  • Bring laundry in
  • Load laundry out x 2
  • Fold laundry
  • Book massages
  • Empty "declutter bin"
  • Decluttered kitchen cupboard x1 x2 x3
  • Went to three different shops to find a replacement lock for our childproofed medicine cupboard!
  • Threw out TWO BAGS of expired /unused medictions and vitamins!
  • Emptied the clutter box by front door (where I put my work things (nursing pouch, scissors, id, bits and bobs ) each day)
  • ironed my work uniform 
  • Put away 1  2 baskets laundry
  • Emptied dishwasher
  • Restacked dishwasher
  • Wiped kitchen benches
  • And the BIG ONE! Tackled the bermuda triangle sock basket! NO MORE ODD SOCKS!!

THIS is why I love my TADA list! It might have started out a day without a lot of intent to clean - but by recongnising the big and the little things I've done my house is looking tidy (enough) but more importantly a GARBAGE BAG of stuff is out of my life! (plus two grocery bags of meds/vitamins!

LOVE my TADA list!

1 comment:

  1. What a list!! Way to go!

    My sock basket is somewhere in my house. It may be in the living room at the moment.

    Is it terrible that I don't even know where my sock basket is?

    Glad it was a productive day for you!

    julied (from PAI)