Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Coffee with a fellow preggy mum! What a great way to remind me how normal my feelings are and to bring a smile to my face!

After two very busy days at work I have another day at home.

I am loving the accountability of keeping a Ta-da List of the things I accomplish during the day - it makes me more productive and I feel so much more balanced!

So here it is! The Ta da list for Wednesday!

  • Load dishwasher x 3
  • Tidy kitchen
  • Pay bills and do banking
  • School drop off
  • Collect mail
  • COFFEE with a friend :)
  • Bring in washing
  • Hang out washing x 3
  • Start load laundry x 2
  • Fold washing
  • Garbage to bin
  • Pay mobile bill
  • Caught up on mine and Miss 7's ironing
  • Tidied toy/office cabinet in playroom
  • Clean vacuum cleaner head (geez I hate my vacuum!)
  • Vacuumed lounge, family room, office
  • changed bathroom towels
  • collected parcel
  • return dvds
  • unload dishwasher
  • Repack dishwasher
  • collected eggs and fed chickens
  • Picked up Miss 7 from school
  • Helped with homework
  • Went to library with Miss 7 for MORE books!
  • Tidy hot spot in front corner near window
  • Tidied library book basket (Massive hot spot!) by front door!
  • Uniforms out for tomorrow
  • Washing put away
  • Tidied hallway table hotspot
  • Quick tidy of nursery
It's been a good day. No MASSIVE wins on the housework front - but I've consistently gotten things done knowing that my body needs to cope with another work day tomorrow. And these consistent days are making a big difference. I feel my home is under MUCH better control!

You know what else I have noticed? Since I've had my home back under control I am calmer. And Miss 7 is calmer. And she's happier to play at home instead of being off and DOING things all the time.

Yep - the calm in the chaos. That's why we do this.

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