Wednesday, February 10, 2010

15 minute house rescue - UPDATE!

What I achieved

Family Room
- rubbish gone
- folding done
- toys, glasses etc all returned to right rooms
- one load washing put away
- tv cabinet tidied
- vaccuuming done
- magazines thrown away
- load laundry put on

*still to do - ironing*

Main Bedroom
-Bed tidied (was made - just tidied)
-bedside table cleared of books
-dirty laundry taken to clothes basket
-clean laundry put away
-Miss E's books returned to her room
-beads put away
-space made for my project life kit to live
*still to do - Paul to tidy his bedside table, old chest of drawers to be taken to shed*

Miss E's Room


-bed made
-toys picked up
-library books out to return
-toy unit tidied
-toys in cupboard tidied
-3 toys removed for donation
-washing put away
-winter clothes sorted and clothes removed for donation
-vacuuming done

* clean back of door storage pockets and reorganise (pics to come)
* clear basin of clutter
* new towels
* wipe and clean basin and mirror
* empty bath of toys - declutter bath toys

* change sheets on spare bed
* load of laundry
*** to do - clean shower and bathtub**

More to come later!


  1. I LOVE Miss E's quilt, it is boooootful!

  2. Thanks Paula ! It came from JC Penney - was cheaper than ordering in oz - isn't that stupid!

  3. You did all of that in 15 minutes or 15 minutes per room. You are Speedy Gonzalez! Will you come do mine now?

  4. Kelly! I'm not a miracle worker! 15min in each room.