Monday, February 8, 2010

Pop-up laundry baskets - my favourite decluttering tool

The only way to organise clutter is to get rid of it.

These are my favourite tool to do that.

I was using garbage bags, but they tore, fell over, and basically annoyed me.
Plus they are B.A.D. for the environment.

These are a great solution. Pop up laundry baskets. They are light. They fold down to nothing to store easily. Plus - you can play Australia's national sport, and take potshots at the bin for a bit more entertainment.

The ones I use are from flylady. But you can get cheap pop up laundry baskets at your nearest "$2 shop", or in the laundry or toy departments of big W, Kmart etc.

Makes organising SO MUCH easier!


  1. I love our pop up baskets. I use them for all kind of things. When do we get more pictures of the kitchen???

  2. Ceiling is being painted as we speak! Look out for more photos tonight!

  3. hey there just curious how much it was for postage for the pop up laundry baskets from flylady?