Sunday, February 14, 2010

Keep it or dump it? - an update on how Spring Clean all Round is working for us.

Now that some of my systems and ideas are starting to become habit, and we have been living with some of the changes for a little while, I intend to review some of my older posts to let you know what has been working, what we are changing, and what has gone by the wayside.

A month ago I reviewed "Spring Clean all Year Round", a sweet little cleaning system that helps you spread out those ongoing cleaning tasks throughout the year.

I'll be honest - I didn't use it while we were renovating. It was enough for me to cope with keeping things generally tidy. Any more was beyond my reach.

But now things are becoming *somewhat* normal again I am loving using this.

It sits in a corner of my kitchen.
Each night I lay out the cards that are set aside for the following day, and discuss with Paul any tasks I need his help on, or would like Miss E to do.

As I complete each task I refile them vertically in the next spot they will be done. This is so I can pull them out if I need to refer back to them the same day.

At night I file them horizontally, and pull out the next day's tasks. Easy.

I like this system as I am reviewing the day before what needs to be done, and Paul and Eliana are clear on what I need them to do for me.

My next task is to make a few extra cards for tasks that are not in there, but I would like added to the system. This way it will evolve with our families needs.

Definately a keeper! Cute and functional. Perfect for me!

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