Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Begin again ... and again ...

You know that song?

The one that the moment someone starts singing it you will not get it out of your brain all day?

The one that burns itself on your brain? And drives you slightly insane?

You know -
This is a song that never ends ...
It goes on and on my friend ....

Well - I've come to realise - that this is sort of what our decluttering journey is like. There is no end. It does go on and on. I just hope it's not quite as irritating as that song. There will always be a need to keep going. Maybe not as intensely - but
we will outgrow things
our children will change
things wear out
things break down
our interests change
we get tired and don't keep our systems up as well as we should ...

and sometimes we see a better way.

Case in point. Remember that little nook in my garage that I so nicely organised my Christmas decorations and party supplies into?

This one here?

Well - after our kitchen renovations and all the stuff stored in our garage it kinda looked like this.

and if you removed that shopping trolley from the front that is blocking the view it was kinda like this

all those things i had to move in a hurry because *someone* wanted that space now!

Part of the clutter was my basket of fabrics. I will deal with that later. That cupboard needs cleaning first.

and now - after 20 min - it looks like this!

Much nicer!

Top shelf is our luggage. Then three shelves of containers that had previously "organised" our clutter.

Just goes to prove it again. You cannot organise clutter.

Once everything is done and I know I can't use these elsewhere I will freecycle them. But for now they stay

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