Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Would you eat it Wednesday?

This was originally going to be Feral food Friday. But my mum reminded me my bin is emptied Thursday which would mean rotting food in my bin for a whole week! And since mum wisdom is as good in my books as gran wisdom - I thought I better look for a new day!

Would you eat it Wednesday? When was the last time you checked your fridge? Take a moment. Throw the feral foods. Move the leftovers you need to eat soon to the front of the shelf. Give your fridge a wipedown and tidy your pantry quickly.

And make a shopping list while you are there!


  1. I guess I have Would you eat it Monday. Bins go out Monday night, so that is the night I scrap together a meal before cleaning out the fridge.

  2. I can't get "Feral Food Friday" out of my head. It pops in at the oddest time and I find people staring at me as I start giggling to myself. Love the title and think you should go with it, even if it's Wednesday!