Saturday, January 15, 2011

Garage sale update! It's the loaves and fishes again!

I remember yesterday morning walking out to my front yard with an armful of household junk praying for God to bless our "stuff" and make someone want it!

Well, just like the loaves and fishes he took what we had and multiplied it for his glory.

I wish I had a photo. Honestly - I was too busy. Unlike typical garage sales people can from 6 am (yeah - so much for not before 7!) and kept coming till after lunch.

Really - what we had to sell was nothing too significant. Kids clothes, some very old prams, books and kitchen stuff. Just things. A friend and her 5 year old came and added some helping hands and some beautiful clothes to the party.

By the end of the day - we had made over $600 - and every single cent is going to the floods. We only had one cynic all day ... almost everyone was overly generous and many gave us extra!

I had put out into facebook land a request for someone with a ute to come and help us cart away the "leftovers"

I was blessed with more than that. I discovered news of another garage sale happening on the Sunday - again with all funds to go to the flood appeal! A quick chat later, and he turned up with a flat bed truck and took every item we had left to give it a chance of selling again! So NO clean up! What a blessing!

I am very tired. I even had a nap. How lucky am I to have somewhere clean to nap and rest ... my prayers are with all those suffering and every volunteer knee deep in mud.

Our local council has a call out for blankets and sheets so I am off now to get a load to drop down this morning.

A friend who is a rural firie (God bless them!) is in Goodna cleaning up. He wants cleaning supplies. Gloves, bleach, tissues, discinfect etc. We are blessed in our town to have everything we need so I think this is my next step - working out how we can do a fast collection and get it down to him.

You can ALL do SOMETHING! I promise!

Aussies don't stand by the sidelines. We are there in the trenches with our mates!

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  1. That is so great! I am so happy all your work paid off so profitably