Friday, January 14, 2011

Helping Qld floods in our own little way ...

Truly - my home is not really this messy.

At lunch time today we decided we had to help the flood appeal anyway we can.
By 12.30 we had decided to have a garage sale ... all profits to the Qld Flood appeal. And by all profits I mean every single cent.

By 1pm I had the weather forecast and all looked fine to go ...

By 1.30 a I had told a friend and she and her 5 year old had decided to join forces with us.

By 2pm we had a float and an add in the paper.

By 3pm we had started to source the masses of stuff we could sell (much of which has been waiting in our shed for several months waiting for a free sunny day when I wasn't working to have a sale!)

By 4pm we had a mess. But a workable one.

By 5pm we had completed a letter box drop advertising our sale to the neighbours

By 6pm we had signage all ready to go.

By 7pm I had a ute ready to take whatever is left to charity shops for them to sell on when our sale is finished

My five year old is excited. THIS is something she CAN do.

Who knows if we will make much? But every cent counts. And we are raising awareness and the ability for EVERYONE to do something.

Make a donation. You can even do it from overseas my friends or interstate.

If you live locally go and help. If you can't clean up - how about donating food for the workers? My friend Adrian who is working in mud thigh deep in Brisbane worked till 2pm before food was found.

Think about sourcing school supplies for students in flood hit suburbs.

Go find someone hit by floods and ask them if you can do their laundry.

We can ALL make a difference. They say this flood will take over two years to recover from.

I don't know who "they" is - but they have never met a Queenslander.

All around the state real Qld men and women are in there helping out already. My husband went to volunteer and wherever he went he found out the neighbours had already been in and got a lot of the jobs done.

The oldies at work told me they thought this spirit of mateship and "can do" had been bred out of our young people by selfishness, materialism and computer games.

And they are so happy to be proved wrong!

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