Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today is a good day

I'm going to be honest. The last few weeks I have really struggled. Actually - since before Christmas I have struggled.

I have lost that balance between maintaining my home, loving my family and working.

Home is what has suffered. Pretty much anytime someone asked me what I was up to I would say "I need to clean - my house is trashed" and it was.

But today is a good day. Today my man and I have worked to catch up. We aren't done but we are almost there.

And today we have worked together to come up with a plan of how we will stay on track. And how we will manage our busy lives. School is back next week and that means so many more things to do!

I will update more this week with what we are doing. I have a heap of ideas to share!

But first I have washing to hang.

And I'm taking my man out to lunch to say "thank you" for his help today.

Happy day!

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