Monday, January 24, 2011

Year One today. Creating memories

Today is the first day of year one for Miss E. After a minor meltdown yesterday "because the work will be harder" she is so excited to be starting!

There are so many moments to remember in each school year. You can collect and hold each piece of work that they bring home ... but does that actually tell your story? And will it be a blessing or a burden when you give it to them when they are older?

I love to create memories. I love to tell our story. These are a couple of little tips I have found along the way.

First of all I love this "School days" binder. It goes from Prep (or kindy depending on your state) right through to year 12

IT gives you a place to record those important facts such as the teacher and friends, but also allows you document things like what they were reading, favourite games, music etc. Plus their is space for photos, certificates etc

You also don't need to spend a lot of money. Each year I grab one of these plastic folders for miss e. If there is something I deem worthy of "keeping" such as certificates, newpaper articles, programs, tickets, it goes in here.
It is quick easy and done. Why make things hard when they can be simple?

When school is over this afternoon I will grab our video recorder and ask her some questions about her day. I find it is better in the afternoon so not to get them worked up about the day ahead.

Oh and pictures. You know me. There will always be pictures!

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