Thursday, January 20, 2011

Post with a purpose - Part 2~

If you were to turn to our Uncle Denny and ask him how he was - without fail he would reply "It's great to be alive".

It was said so often that over the last few years I have found myself giving the same response when I am asked how I am at work during the day.

It didn't matter if he was having a good day or not. It didn't matter if he was in pain, or struggling emotionally, he always responded with a smile and "it's great to be alive"

And you know, our Denny did have pain. A lot of pain. And he did struggle. A lot.

But he always stated "It's great to be alive"

Our Den might have only lived 65 years, but he lived a full 65 years.

And I guess therein lies the challenge. We may not have the career we dreamt of. There are moments we all struggle. Maybe your family is not the exact type of family you always had.
But we are here. We are running this race called life. Are we doing it with a smile, a handshake and a laugh, or getting bogged down in the day to day?

I know I will fail often. I'm not perfect. None of us are. Denny wasn't. But he ran the race. He fought the good fight. And now he is in peace.
But he's set me a challenge.
I'm going to try to live my life so every day I can answer in my mind "It's great to be alive". What better way to honour an uncle that I love.

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